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A Christmas Letter from Founder Angela Owen

2020 has been tough and relentless. It’s required resilience to deal with the physical absence of friends and family and agility as the best laid plans have come to nought. If you have lost loved ones or have been ill, our thoughts go out to you.

Since the first lockdown, Women in Defence UK has worked hard to continue to bring inspiring and challenging events to our community. The 2020 Awards attracted more nominations than ever before – a huge thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination and good luck to the Finalists! We’ve interviewed two of the ‘Chiefs’; CAS and CGS, and the astonishing round the world yachtswoman Tracey Edwards. We’ve run 20 development sessions attended by nearly 600 people and a cohort of nearly 200 mentees and mentors are in the middle of our brand-new Mentoring Programme.

We’ve learned much too; sometimes you can be too ambitious and a huge shout out to the Women in Defence UK team who manged to pull off our first ever virtual Conference despite odds that it wouldn’t work! We’ve had our first secondees from the Armed Forces, our thanks to Liv and Sarah from the Army and Iona from the Royal Navy; it’s been tremendous fun working with you, and we’ve continued our work with the MOD and defence industry on the Women in Defence Charter.

But we couldn’t have done any of this without the support of you – our community. Whether you’re one of our partners, our Leadership Team, our Governing Body, a follower on Twitter or someone who simply cares about what we do, thank you.

I happened upon a book ‘The Boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse’. It’s proved to be immensely comforting during 2020 and has helped me to look forward to a much better 2021. The mole says, ‘most of the old moles I know wish they had listened less to their fears and more to their dreams.’ Don’t lose your dreams, they may be on hold, but they’re still your dreams.

Have a good Christmas and a better 2021.


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