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Equality of Opportunity Award Finalist: Cheryl Ellis (Babcock)

My name is Cheryl Ellis and I work for Babcock International based at Devonport Royal Dockyard in Plymouth as a Benefits Manager supporting the Nuclear Safety Improvement Programme (or NSIP for short). I have worked there for 17 years and seen huge positive changes during that time, especially the increase in the number of women working in STEM based careers. I have always been passionate about ensuring that everyone reaches their true potential and therefore took up the role a Chair of the Women’s Network around three years ago to help champion this.

I live in Plymouth with my husband and two children Lilly and Jack. We enjoy walking and exploring the beautiful coastline of Devon and Cornwall and it is really important to me that when the time comes for my children to enter the workplace there will be equal opportunities for all.

I have been nominated for the Equality of Opportunity award because of my work as the Chair of our Women’s Network. I felt so proud on discovering I’d been nominated and excited that our work has been recognised so highly. We take on these roles supporting the employee networks as an addition to our day job so it often involves working extra hours for a cause we are all passionate about.

As a network we are proud to have brought a wider range of female PPE to the workplace, increased changing facilities for ladies and promoted our values and Company through our ‘Bring you child to work’ events.

In addition we ensure Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) is a key consideration during our decision making processes and host a range of career based talks. A huge passion of mine is ensuring that women are fully supported when they return to work following maternity leave. This is a hugely daunting and challenging time and women can often be overlooked for promotions and new opportunities as they are working part time. As a part time worker myself, I’m proof that you can still have a career and find a job you love. We want every employee to bring their whole selves to work and know that they are safe and able to be themselves.

I cannot believe I am a finalist and am very much looking forward to the awards evening in March!

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