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Equality of Opportunity Award Finalist: Rebecca Smith (Army)

My name is Rebecca (Becky) Smith and I am a Captain in the Military Provost Staff, currently serving as the SO3 Custody and Detention at HQ PM(A), 1 MP Bde in Andover.

I have been nominated for the Unsung Heroine Award which has come as a total surprise to me! Despite the surprise, I am absolutely delighted, honoured and humbled to have been nominated, let alone to be one of this year’s finalists.

When I received the news that I had been nominated for a Women in Defence Award I initially asked myself “why me?”

So as I have tried to answer this question, I have taken a look back on my military career which has spanned over almost 32 years (having served in the WRNS, RN and in the Army since transferring in 2008) and what I have achieved both from a personal and professional perspective, together with the opportunities that I have been given, the roles and jobs that I have been employed in, has helped me to reflect on why it might have been me.

Throughout my career, like most, I have done a myriad of different things - some of which have been easier and more enjoyable than others, and some that have pushed me to my limits and certainly taken me out of my comfort zone, but despite this I have always tried to give 100% and it is because of this, that I believe I am who I am and where I am today.

I have had many great experiences whilst serving in the Royal Navy, but since transferring to the Army and into the Military Provost Staff in 2008, I have found that one of the most enjoyable parts of my job as I have progressed through the ranks, is to see the positive changes in the people I have helped to rehabilitate whilst they have been in detention, and the members of the Military Provost Staff I have hopefully inspired to be the best no matter what your background, abilities or aspirations might be, if you want to achieve something, embrace every opportunity to enhance your knowledge and experience and no matter how hard you may find some of the things you do, keep persevering, you can do it, and you will hopefully reap what you sew - I did and it worked for me!

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