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Inspirational Award Finalist: Bdr Emma Owen (The Army)

My name is Emma Pierce Owen or Bdr Owen. When I was nominated for this award, I was a Section Commander at Army Training Regiment Winchester, where I was Instructing Phase 1 recruits. Subsequently I was posted the Infantry Training Centre Catterick also as a Section Commander, I am now back at 12 Regiment Royal Artillery, currently in the role of 58 Eyre’s MT Sgt awaiting promotion as I was successful in the Bdr to Sgt Board.

I was nominated for The Inspirational Award.

I was in absolute shock to have been selected as a finalist. The 2019 year had been such a steep upward trajectory that I wasn’t expecting any more to come of it.

It started when I achieved a recommendation to transfer to the Small Arms School after completion of my Skill at Arms Course. This was then followed by achieving top student on my All Arms Drill Course. Two months later, on week 13 of a 14-week course, we were weapon cleaning after the final attack, I was asked if I would like to go to ITC as a Sect Cmdr. I happily agreed asking when this would be, there weren’t any details but probably in the new year (2020). The next week on the Wednesday it was confirmed I needed to be there on the Sunday to start on the following Monday.

I absolutely loved my time there; It was amazing to see another perspective of teaching recruits and even learning new things myself whilst posted. Whilst being at ITC I was invited to an ATR Winchester dinner night, where I was nominated as top instructor and won! Then I came back and was told I had been graded 1st in the Regiment and this helped going towards the Bdr to Sgt Board as I achieved 1st in 12 Regiment RA where I am now awaiting promotion.

All of this and then to be told I had been nominated for the Award, I wanted to cry. Happy tears of-course! I felt like I didn’t deserve it and hearing what the other finalists have done, it just didn’t make sense to me that I had been nominated never mind a finalist.

I couldn’t have asked for a better training year, I honestly couldn’t. All of it has meant the absolute world and I still can’t believe it.

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