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02 April 2020

Like many teams over the last couple of weeks, Women in Defence UK HQ has been getting used to working remotely.  One of the bonuses of video calls is that we are getting to know each other even better than when we meet in the office. We’ve seen the views from each other’s windows, we can count the number of chocolate wrappers on the desks and can now really understand which of us are morning people and which are better after a coffee or two.


We’ve been busy working with our partners like the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art to move our RADA Status Masterclass on-line – more here and we’ve been reaching out to gauge what our community feels should happen to the Awards. The overwhelming response has been that the Awards should continue but that people are currently focusing on the fallout from COVID-19. To help, we have extended our nominations window until midday on Friday 12th June.


Another key part of our developing pillar is our Mentoring Programme that we are running with Moving Ahead. The programme pairs defence public sector mentees with defence private sector mentors and vice-versa. This was due to launch in June.  Again, due to requests from organisations who are very keen to take part but have other priorities at the moment, we have delayed the launch until September.  Please get in touch if you think your organisation would be interested - you can sign up until 10th July.


Recently, someone asked if I had a motto or slogan for now.  One that works for me is ‘it’s OK to be kind to yourself’.  We are all facing exceptional circumstances.  We all feel low occasionally, we all feel frustrated, and we all make mistakes. That’s OK. Cut yourself some slack, forgive yourself and take some time out. Gardening, baking and taking exercise works for me. Remember, it’s OK to be kind to yourself.


Keep in touch and stay safe,



Angela Owen
Founder, Women in Defence UK

23 March 2020