Overcoming Adversity Networking event

July 19, 2018



Women in Defence held their Christmas Fireside Chats event on the evening of 9th November on the subject of ‘Overcoming Adversity’. Eighty people from across the armed forces, defence industry and government listened to three truly inspirational speakers who told us their incredible stories of facing adversity and how that had given them the strength to go on to achieve some amazing things: inspiring young people, walking to the South Pole then setting up as a leadership consultant and coach, helping ex-service men & women find work.


We heard some great advice about how to deal with setbacks. Kate told us to trust yourself and your support team, keep perspective and take action to improve your situation.

Sarah conveyed her passion and pride in setting up her businesses, achieving her successes with integrity, grit & determination.

Emma told us that adversity is not a blocker: it can give you the compulsion to make something new happen.


We had the chance to talk with each of the speakers in a series of fireside chats which sparked discussion about a wide range of topics from mental health support to how to cope with being a female leader in a male team. The evening finished with a lively networking opportunity over drinks and canapés, and we all went away feeling energised and inspired by three amazingly strong women.


Here are some personal messages from each of our speakers reflecting on the evening:


‘The PA sponsored event for the WID Network was a fantastic opportunity for like-minded people to openly share their experiences, there was a huge positive energy in the room that allowed everyone to relax and speak candidly.

These types of intimate Networking events are vital to support the WID wider community, let’s meet more often!’

Sarah Newman, Entrepreneur http://www.anascena.com/


‘It was a pleasure to speak at the event about why I set up the Jon Egging Trust and to be part of a dialogue with the other speakers and the audience about what ‘overcoming adversity’ can mean and what it can enable (rather than preventing) us to do. I hope the evening has inspired others to pursue their ambitions regardless of the setbacks they may encounter in life’

Emma Egging, CEO Jon Egging Trust www.joneggingtrust.org.uk


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