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Most Improved Charter Signatory Criteria 2024

The Most Improved Charter Signatory is to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our Signatories in improving gender balance.

What will the judges be looking for? 

The judges will be looking for examples of where an organisation has had an unusually positive influence or impact in progressing their gender diversity plans. This year, we have introduced a new review period, as we’re interested in your progress over the last three years in addition to your stats as at 31st March 2024.

We’re also asking three non-data questions (Section 6), designed to explore what your individual company / organisational challenges have been over the last three years, what solutions you’ve used to address those challenges, what impact the solutions have had and how you’ve measured that impact. The three-year timescale recognises that some solutions take longer to have an impact than others.

If you are unable to provide data or challenges/solutions going back for three years, please share what is available and annotate accordingly.

The judges will look at the data questions and Section 6 when reaching their conclusions.

Please note

In order to be nominated for this award, the organisation must be a Charter Signatory and have committed to:

  1. Nominating a member of the Senior Executive Committee to be accountable for gender diversity and inclusion
  1. Setting internal targets, where appropriate, for gender diversity in senior management
  1. Publishing progress annually against any targets in reports on our Charter website
  1. Having an intention to ensure the pay or the objectives of the senior executive team are linked to delivery of any internal targets on gender inclusion and diversity

These are the minimum criteria that a nominating organisation is expected to meet.

Who can be entered? 

Open to Charter Signatories only.

How do I nominate?

To nominate, click on the link here for the form and provide the following information:

  1. Nominee organisation name and contact information
  1. Your Women in Defence Charter commitments
  1. Your gender balance status as at 31st March 2024
  1. Your gender balance in mission/business critical roles as at 31st March 2024
  1. Your gender balance status as at 31st March 2021 - this is to show progress over the last three years
  1. Charter action - action taken to improve your gender balance. Your answers to this section should cover the last three years activity if available.  
  1. Permission to nominate.

We close for nominations on 12th September 2024, with the finalists being announced on 17th October 2024. The three finalists will be invited to attend the Women in Defence UK Awards Dinner on 19th November 2024 at the Guildhall London, where the overall winner will be announced.

Please note 

Your nomination should go through your point of contact for the Charter to ensure only one nomination is submitted per organisation.

Hints and tips

Our judges may not be familiar your specific business environment or culture, so providing context to the citation and tangible evidence of the outcome or effect that this had on others, will strengthen the nomination hugely.

There are overall word limits stated in the form, even if the form allows you to enter more, the citation sent for judging will be shortened if it exceeds these limits, which could mean that it ends mid-sentence.