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Airbus: There is power in diversity 

Jane Basson, Head of Transformation & Corporate Secretary, Airbus, shares her message of support

There is power in diversity and The Women in Defence Awards is about celebrating individuals from different backgrounds, synergising to create new ideas and bringing together different perspectives to address global challenges. Airbus has been a proud platinum sponsor of the awards since their inception and we are once again honoured to support Women in Defence UK as the Pankhurst Inspire Sponsor 2023.

Having a different perception is a key strength in the changing, dynamic and uncertain climate we operate in. It is important to break stereotypes and lead with a different perspective. At Airbus, our teams support highly complex and ambitious projects and successfully deliver world-beating capabilities. This is driven forward through unrivalled experience from a diverse and inclusive workforce advancing revolutionary ideas that support the creation of future advanced aerospace technologies.

We should be judged on our ability to be exceptional - and celebrate us as women across defence, not because we are women but because we have achieved remarkable things and will continue to do so.