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About Us

Since 2011, Women in Defence UK has made a concentrated effort to make defence a better place.

How we got here

Started as a LinkedIn group by our Founder Angela Owen OBE, we have grown into one of the largest independent communities of individuals and organisations that celebrates and recognises the achievements of those working in the defence of our nation.

In 2019, in collaboration with the MOD and industry, we launched the Women in Defence Charter which continues to grow.

In our 10th year we introduced our Careers Website and our Corporate Membership, all with the goal of making a better Defence where people can work and thrive.

Deeds Not Words

Our not for profit organisation is inspired, everyday, by Emmeline Pankhurst’s Deeds not Words. Everything we do has our community and the improvement of the defence enterprise at its core. 


Through inspiring, challenging and working towards a critical mass of women, we put our words into actions. The more you get involved, the more we can give back, and the greater the change we can make. 

Our purpose

We believe that by achieving a critical mass of women in defence we can accelerate gender equity.


Our enterprise-wide reach allows sharing of leading practice and insights.


Our community inspires and builds momentum. 


Our independence allows us to challenge and deliver impactful change.

We challenge thinking by interviewing Senior Officers and engaging with them on the headline topics.


We are uniquely positioned across the breadth of the enterprise and up and down organisational structures, we are committed to achieving critical mass.


We inspire through our annual Awards which showcase the brilliant people who work in Defence. 



Get involved

Be part of the conversation by joining one of our events. See what's coming up and register your attendance. 


​Probably what we are best known for, our spectacular awards are back for 2023. Nominations opened 7th March and will remain open until 12th May. Take a look a the Awards page to learn more and submit your entry to recognise and exceptional colleague in your organisation.

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