Gender balance in defence and security will not happen by chance. It will require a concerted effort across the enterprise, changing the overall dynamics, making defence a better place for women and men and ultimately, improving the output of defence.

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Women in Defence UK is passionate about promoting the value of women in defence.

"I’m an ex-Army officer and founder of Women in Defence UK. I founded the group in 2011 as I realised that despite the thousands of women working in defence, we seemed to be too thinly spread. All too often I was one of two or three women at defence conferences or gatherings. At the start, I thought we might get about 40 or 50 members; we now have around 4000 and have interviewed senior defence leaders such as the Chief of the General Staff, the First Sea Lord and Air Member Personnel and Capability and the Commandant General of the Royal Marines. Our Women in Defence UK Awards have attracted over 900 entries from across the Armed Forces, MOD Civil Service, defence industry and the defence 3rd sector."

Angela Owen
Founder, Women in Defence UK

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