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The people driving Women in Defence UK 

Women in Defence UK is comprised of three pivotal teams

Bound together by a common aim, that of accelerating gender equity, are three interconnected teams.

At the operational level, is ‘The Team’. They are the ones who do all the hard work keeping the ‘show’ running smoothly. Above them sit a group of volunteers – the Leadership Team. Meeting fortnightly, they lead on new initiatives such as our Social Value Impact report or our revamped Partnerships. Our Strategic Advisory Board which comprises ‘top of the shop’ leaders from the MOD, from defence industry and advisors from outside of the sector plus all of our Women of the Year, provides guidance and wisdom to help us ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.

Why not see who’s involved?

Jennifer Patterson

Account Manager

Ifrah Farooq

Civil Service Fast Stream

Angela Owen OBE

Founder of Women in Defence UK

Clare Southwell

PA Consulting

Sarah Philipson


Rachael Clamp


Tara Zammit

PhD Candidate, KCL

Sophie Thomas

Aquila Industry Co-Chair

Kathryn Fedunk

BAE Systems

Aaron Neil


Sophie Duong


Glenda Fox

kbs maritime

Norma Ncube


Angela Owen OBE

Founder of Women in Defence UK

VADM Phil Hally CB MBE

Chief of Defence People

Andy Start


Denise Wilson

CEO FTSE Women's Leaders Review

paul livingston

lockheed martin- ceo

Peter Lovell

PA Consulting - Founding Partner

Capt Preet Chandi

Woman of the Year 2022

Col Lucy Giles

Woman of the Year 2016

WG CDR alison mclean

woman of the year 2017

Michelle Partington

Woman of the Year 2018

Phillippa spencer obe

Woman of the year 2019

Beth-Marie Norbury

Woman of the Year 2020

Caitlin Percy

Woman of the Year 2022

Lucy Stafford

Clerk to the Board

Angela Owen OBE

Founder of Women in Defence UK