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Women in Defence UK are proud to be working with Moving Ahead on our cross-sector mentoring programme.

We offer a different experience to the many excellent mentoring programmes in existence, as the defence public sector mentor the defence private sector, and vice versa.

This means that the Armed Forces and Civil Service, at all levels, and those in the private sector gain invaluable external feedback and perspectives from people with quite different experiences and background, but an in-depth knowledge of the sector.

As a social impact organisation, Moving Ahead specialises in delivering mentoring programmes. They have experience of supporting more than 10,000 mentees and mentors, from across 260 organisations and so really do understand the huge benefits that mentoring can have on women’s development and progression.

Cross sector experience

​Our mentoring programme is a unique cross sector opportunity which matches mentees and mentors from the defence public sector with those from the defence private sector in order to facilitate the cross-fertilisation of different perspectives and ways of working across the sector.

Grow your career

Since its inauguration four years ago, almost 1150 participants for 25 unique organisations have benefited from the programme, with a 92% satisfaction rate for the quality of matching on the current programme and over half the mentees have already been promoted, expanded responsibilities or moved role in the last four months of the last programme.

World-class speakers and content

It is a nine month, ready-to-go and easy to implement, mentoring programme which sees pairs meet every four to six weeks, with world class speakers and thought-provoking content provided in the form of five live-online learning events, and expert mentoring resources available on the learning hub

Move Ahead, with Moving Ahead

Get the full lowdown about our mentoring programme.

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My mentor has greatly helped me with my confidence and has supported me through a challenging time at work by listening and supporting the actions I have made, challenging me to go outside my comfort zone.


Our impact

Mentees have seen improvements to their confidence, resilience and ability to create time to plan their career

46% of mentees are seeing the workplace differently, with more than a third feeling their mentor has sparked ideas they wouldn't have had otherwise

43% of mentors already say their awareness of the barriers for others in the workplace has heightened

54% of mentees have already been promoted, expanded responsibilities or moved roles

How it works

Pairs meet every 4-6 weeks throughout the 9 month mentoring journey and have access to an online learning platform to for event
recordings and resources. Participants have ongoing support from the Moving Ahead team throughout the duration of the programme.


Jan '24

Midway Event 

Focus on mentoring content and training

Mar '24

Masterclass Two

Focus on mentoring content and training

Jun '24

Close Event 

The next programme kicks off in September 2024

If your organisation would like to discuss the options, please contact us via the button below. We look forward to welcoming you onto our mentoring programme.

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