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Brilliant people work in defence. Inspire recognises individuals and teams, provides opportunities for them to grow, helping to accelerate gender equity.

Power of recognition

Our Inspire programme is underpinned by our Annual Awards because we know that the power of recognition is not confined to one level of achievement or one aspect of defence. We are inspiring our partners, our community, and the wider sector by shining a light on individuals and teams who are making a difference.
From rising stars to established leaders, from operational excellence to inclusivity initiatives — we are proud to celebrate a broad spectrum of achievements.

Power of wisdom and advice

Our unique cross-sector mentoring programme offers a different experience to the many excellent mentoring programmes in existence, as the defence public sector mentor the defence private sector, and vice versa.

This means that the Armed Forces and Civil Service, at all levels, and those in the private sector gain invaluable external feedback and perspectives from people with quite different experiences and background, but an in-depth knowledge of the sector.

Inspiring change and building momentum

Our community is a powerhouse of people inspiring change and driving progress. Through our work, we seek to create a ripple effect — one that resonates beyond the Awards and inspires continued action towards our shared goal of achieving gender equity.

With our focus on 'Deeds, not Words', we invite you to join us, be part of this journey, and contribute to the transformation of the defence sector.


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