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KBR: Promoting and fostering a strong team culture 

Samantha Gies, KBR, VP & People Partner, GS International, KBR, shares her message of support 

As Partners to Women in Defence UK, KBR are delighted to be involved in the awards again this year, recognising and celebrating the vital contribution these outstanding individuals perform while inspiring women in the industry.

We know that successful partnerships are built on collaboration and are the key to success, making our sponsorship of the Most Collaborative Award 2023 a perfect match.

KBR are committed to be amongst the very best at driving inclusion and diversity, providing opportunities for women to succeed at all levels. Promoting and fostering a strong team culture, we are creating safe, collaborative environments where ideas are sought and valued.

We are very clear on our own commitment to not just promote gender diversity but to enable it to thrive. WID is a powerful way to further that collective impact.

We look forward celebrating the amazing things all the nominees have achieved.