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Meet the judges: Kim Wyche 

Kimberley Wyche, Warrant Officer First Class, Royal Navy, Co-Chair to the Naval Servicewomen’s Network

WO1 CT Kim Wyche joined the RN in Feb 99. She attended the PCT (EW) course at HMS Dryad before undertaking her early years onboard HMS CORNWALL, circumnavigating the globe during NTG2000. This was followed by formal CT training at DSSS Chicksands and on completion in May 02 saw her first deployment to JSSU Falkland Islands (FI) as an ELINT operator. In mid-2003, she joined HMS CAMPBELTOWN and deployed on various exercises in and around UK-waters and in support of Operations in the Med with NATO forces as part of ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR. She also completed 2 deployments to the Gulf during the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns for which she received both the Op TELIC and Op VERITAS medals.

A tour to JSSU Cyprus from 2007-2010 was followed by a 6-month Spanish language course at DSL Beaconsfield. This course was a pre-cursor to a combined total of 20 months deployed out of 30 to JSSU (FI) on behalf of JSSU Cheltenham. A brief rest-bite of 9 months in JSSU Cyprus was curtailed in April 2014 by a further 6-month tour to JSSU (FI), and her Spanish linguist qualifications were put to effective use during subsequent tours of JSSU (FI) in 2015 and 2016. In 2017 she embarked on HMS LANCASTER during Op WINDDOG as part of an APT-South deployment. Her ardent knowledge and understanding of the Falkland Islands led to the remoting of the JSSU (FI) site to RAF Digby, and as recognition for her efforts and distinguished service she received a 4* JFC Commendation.

A 9-month secondment as Assistant Government Communication Officer (GCO) to MAB was swiftly followed by promotion to Warrant Officer First Class in Feb 18. Her previous service at JSSU (FI) meant she was the ideal candidate for the role of GCO FI in Nov 19. Kim deployed for 9 months due to Covid-19 and then returned to PAG for a further 12 months before heading to the Maritime Operations Centre (MOC) 2* HQ in 2021, where she undertook the Senior Fleet CT role, providing SIGINT advice to COMOPS and CSF.

Kim is an avid supporter of many Gender Networks across Defence and has been the Co-Chair for the Naval Servicewomen’s Network (NSN) since 1 Nov 22. She is married to Neil, and they have 3 children: Maisie, Daniel, and Charlotte. They have a family home in Cheltenham and when not balancing her work and family travel commitments, she can be found in the local Cotswolds with her 2 Labradors: Jack and Rory.