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Meet the judges: Peter Jason O’Flaherty 

Peter O’Flaherty, Navy Command HQ Diversity and Conclusion Policy Desk

Peter was born in Tooting Broadway, South-West London and joined the Royal Navy in 2018, having previously read English Language and Literature at the University of Manchester, later working for Barclays Business and Corporate bank for six years. After completing initial training at HMS Raleigh in February 2019, Peter served on the SSN HMS Artful from 2019 to August 2021, being deployed on numerous operations including the first leg of CSG22 (“Op Fortis”) as a Warfare Specialist Tactical Submariner (WSTSM).

On his return to the U.K. from operational deployments, in September 2021 Peter secured a short-term draft at Northwood HQ Strategic Command, after which he began his current two-year draft within the Navy Command HQ Diversity and Conclusion Policy Desk.

Peter is single, and has no children, but does enjoy an active social life, and being the Godfather and frequently present-bearing biologically non-related-uncle, to growing numbers of his friends’ babies and very young children. In his spare time Peter continues to engage with volunteer work (working with homeless charities), an activity that he gained a great passion for in the year prior to him joining the Royal Navy. Within his professional life Peter aspires to be a Master Mariner, and enthusiastically advocates for women, having been inspired by the high achieving women that brought him up, including Peter’s mother, who owned a solicitor’s company, and continues to work as a family lawyer to this day.