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Rolls Royce: Recognising the successes of those forging that change within our industry 

Louise Donaghey, Services Programmes Director, UK Aero FleetRolls-Royce Defence, shares her message of support

At Rolls-Royce, we firmly believe that our partnership with Women in Defence UK is an immensely positive one that will yield a multitude of benefits for our industry.

It is an honour to support the Women in Defence UK Awards 2023, celebrating the outstanding achievements of women in our sector. What the awards stand to achieve directly align with our values, driving inclusion and diversity, and recognise the successes of those forging that change within our industry.

As a Fawcett partner, Rolls-Royce is sending a clear message that we too are dedicated to positively supporting change, not just within our own organisation, but throughout the entire Defence sector. We are not merely endorsing equality and equity, but actively contributing to it by providing support and opportunities for women to excel. It strengthens our relationships with stakeholders, customers, and clients, who value diversity and gender equality as essential components of a modern and progressive industry.

Together, with Women in Defence UK we are shaping a more equitable and prosperous future for our organisations and the Defence industry.