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Strategic Command: Empowering people to drive change where needed 

Cmd Sergeant Major Sara Catterall and Command Gender Champion, Strategic Command, shares her message of support

As partners of Women in Defence UK, and Women in Defence Charter signatories, we all have a collective goal of ensuring that fairness and inclusion are morally and ethically essential principles in our organisations.

As sponsors of the Most Improved Signatories Award 2023, I feel that we need to lead by example and I am proud to say that in Strategic Command we have introduced our whole force Command Culture programme, focused on providing an opportunity for all to reflect on the Command’s culture and discuss how we can improve our day-to-day lived experiences, promote a more inclusive environment, and empower our people to drive change where it is needed.

I know you’re all doing great work in your respective organisations, and I look forward to hearing more about these on the night.