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Saab: Committed to creating a culture of inclusivity and diversity 

Linda Taylor - Vice President, Director - Saab, shares her message of support

As a woman that has been in Defence now for 40 years, I am proud at how far the sector has come in recognising the contribution women make across the whole of Defence. I am therefore honoured to represent Saab UK in supporting and championing the Woman in Defence Charter and being a new Fawcett Partner.

Saab’s values of trust, expertise and drive are the basis for all our business and we are committed to creating and fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity as well as fair and equal opportunities. Saab is dependent on a rapidly changing international market where every customer is unique. In order to serve the global market with world leading products and solutions, we work continuously with internationalisation, diversity and equality; mixing people, ideas, experiences and cultures to lead to a more dynamic workforce and greater innovation.

Saab UK looks forward to working with Woman in Defence and Critical Mass to create new ideas and making positive change happen by working together.