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Women in Defence UK Awards 2023: Winners Announced 

The Women in Defence UK 2023 Awards ceremony, held at the Guildhall in the City of London on 29 November 2023, recognised the achievements of individuals and teams who have significantly contributed to the defence sector. The event, attended by over 300 guests, highlighted the vital role these awards play in promoting gender equity in defence, aligning with Women in Defence UK's mission and the guiding principle of "Deeds not words."

This year's ceremony celebrated winners across ten categories, culminating in the prestigious Woman of the Year award. The winners, through their dedication and achievements, exemplify the ethos of "Deeds not words," demonstrating tangible progress towards gender equity in defence. The list of winners includes:

  • Inspirational Award: Lisa Hodge, Ministry of Defence, Civil Service
  • Outstanding Contribution: Lieutenant Colonel Kelly Tait, Army
  • Most Collaborative: Lorna Pope, MOD Civil Service
  • Resolute Spirit: Chief Technician Emma Morgan, Royal Air Force
  • Equity of Opportunity: Jo Osburn-Hughes, MOD Civil Service
  • Emerging Talent: Sapper Hermione Romain, Army
  • Unsung Heroines: Debs Geany, MOD Civil Service
  • Innovation and Creativity: Sam Staincliffe, Uplift360
  • Champion for Maximising Talent: Mary Haigh, BAE Systems
  • Inclusive Teamwork: HMS Northumberland Change Working Group, Royal Navy

The highlight of the evening was the announcement of Chief Technician Emma Morgan, RAF, as the Woman of the Year 2023. Her achievements reflect the spirit of leadership and commitment that Women in Defence UK aims to recognise and encourage.

The 2023 Women in Defence UK Awards not only celebrate individual and collective accomplishments but also reinforce the message that achieving gender equity in the defence sector is an ongoing, collaborative effort. Each winner, through their actions and commitments, contributes significantly to this mission. Their achievements serve as a testament to the potential of dedicated professionals in shaping a more balanced and equitable defence sector.