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Inclusive Teamwork Award 

This award is to recognise where a team has demonstrated inclusive working, where all team members have had a voice and been able to contribute, leading to a successful outcome with a tangible positive impact for the organisation. 

What will the judges be looking for?  

Margaret Heffernan, author of Wilful Blindness says: “An inclusive culture is one in which difference such as background, education, thinking styles and cultural orientation are seen as an asset not a problem.” This is precisely what our judges will be looking for; teams where individuals feel that their voice is heard without them having to shout. Inclusive teams are where members don’t have to hide who they are or change to fit in with ‘the norm’. 

The judges will not just be looking for diverse teams. Whilst diversity and inclusion are often grouped together, they are not the same. You can have a diverse workforce without being inclusive. Inclusion is about fostering an environment that values the individuals in a diverse workforce and brings them together. 

See also 

The Inclusive Teamwork Award shares similarities with the Most Collaborative Award. The key difference between this award and the Most Collaborative Award is the focus on an inclusive approach, as opposed to the benefits realised through collaborative working. The Most Collaborative Award is an individual award.  

Finalists from earlier years  

Last year’s finalists were from BAE Systems and the Royal Navy. The winners were recognised for the fantastic work they did to improve the lived experience of the Ship’s Company. The other finalists were nominated for: their work in leading the way to promote an all-encompassing approach to inclusion; and supporting Royal Fleet Auxiliary personnel and giving all individuals a voice.

Who can be entered?  

This award is open to teams only. Please note winners of any category are excluded from nominations for any Women in Defence UK awards for 2 years.

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