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Innovation and Sustainability Award 

This award is to celebrate those women who have developed innovative solutions (eg technology, capability, ways of working), and/or delivered outstanding sustainability initiatives that strengthen the effect of the UK defence mission.

What will the judges be looking for?

Innovation could include science and technology, or ways of working, such as operations, funding mechanisms or governance. The nominee could be the originator and developer of the idea, the leader who recognised its value and enabled it to happen or any other individual worthy of recognition.

Sustainability could include outstanding environmental or societal programmes or the innovative development of more sustainable capability and solutions.

The key aspect for both areas is that the nominee must be seen to be going above and beyond their day job. The judges will be looking for evidence of the benefits – such as improved capability in delivering the mission or benefits to morale or retention, quicker, more efficient, less costly or other improvements. Specific sustainability benefits could be the reduction in carbon emissions or greater resilience to climate change, new programmes to address resources or biodiversity or positive societal impact.

A re-framing of the Innovation and Creativity Award

The substitution of sustainability to the previously named ‘Innovation and Creativity Award’ broadens the award to emphasise the importance of issues such as climate change to the resilience of defence.

It is important that this award is seen to apply to not just those in science and engineering or environment but those who are applying the principles of innovation and or sustainability into their roles and programmes.

Finalists from earlier years (from the Innovation and Creativity Award)

Last year’s finalists were from the NCA, MI5 and Uplift360. The winner was recognised for her work in developing Greentech and helping make defence a more sustainable place. The other finalists were nominated for: identifying and tackling a gap in UK law enforcement’s ability to protect, and ensure justice for, victims of abuse; for contributing to transforming MI5’s collection capabilities, using her creativity to identify and exploit cutting-edge technologies.

Who can be entered?  

This award is open to individual women only.  Please note winners of any category are excluded from nominations for any Women in Defence UK awards for 2 years.

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