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Meet the Team

Becca Price - RAF

I was given the opportunity to work for Women in Defence UK as the communications lead after having served 8 years in the Royal Air Force, first as a HR administrator and then as an HR Officer. I have served in many locations in the UK and overseas and have seen the Armed Forces operate in many spheres, on Operations, from a British Embassy perspective, in the Ministry of Defence and at unit level.


My role has been to plan and operate the Comms campaign. To do this well, I have had to understand the objectives and timelines of all of the group activities including the Awards programme, mentoring scheme, masterclasses and events, and marry that with the objectives and needs of the industry and Service Partners. Working for Women in Defence UK has added another string to my bow as it has given me the opportunity to see how the Armed Forces work along side our Industry Partners and how building these relations are vital to defence of the United Kingdom. I have learnt so much from my secondment and have built incredible relationships with the people in the team and from across the defence sector.


I will take all that I have learnt from my secondment with Women in Defence UK into my next job, which is due to be in the Ministry of Defence as a Joint Plans Coordinator.

Cait Percy 

Cait Percy was awarded Woman of the Year 2021, Women in Defence UK, and has since joined the team working within PA Consulting. 


She graduated with a Masters in Physics from the University of Southampton in 2014 and attended the International Space University Space Studies Program in Montréal, Canada before taking a year out to travel the world. She joined BAE Systems as a Graduate Engineer, spending 2 years gaining experience around the company and with its partners. Since then, she has further developed her already strong foundation in science and technology, working across technology in the defence sector and partner companies. Included in this are two years specialising in technology strategy and innovation, and two years in the research domain bringing together experts from multiple sectors across the company and externally to define and progress sensing capability, ranging from electromagnetic based sensing to emerging quantum technologies.  


Caitlin has led a Millennial Think Tank within BAE Systems and recently finished her term as Chair of the New Professionals Forum, supporting other new professionals from across the industry to innovate, channelling their skills and passion for technology into productive outputs. She is a STEM Ambassador, lifetime fellow of the Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange and is working towards her Chartered Engineer status with the Institute of Physics to cement her status as someone who is qualified, capable, and passionate about building environments to better exploit cutting edge technologies and position the UK as a leader in its field. 

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