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Emerging Talent Award 

This award is to recognise early career professionals (including apprentices and graduates) demonstrating high performance, who are within their first five years of work following the end of formal training or schemes.  

What will the judges be looking for?  

The judges will be looking for examples of where professionals at an early stage in their career are consistently demonstrating high performance within their role. Examples of high performance could be related to leadership, technical ability, creativity, persistence in a complex role, etc. The judges aren’t necessarily looking for a ground-breaking piece of work, more so the commitment to fulfilling their role to have the greatest impact.  

See also  

The Emerging Talent award shares similarities with many of our other awards, in particular the Outstanding Contribution Award and the Inspirational Award. All three awards relate to individuals who have exceeded all expectations. The key difference is that the Emerging Talent Award relates to where this has occurred at an early stage in an individual’s career.  

Finalists from earlier years  

Last year’s finalists were from the Army and the Royal Navy. The winner was recognised for her dedication and commitment to the Army, excelling on the UN Peacekeeping operations in Mali. The other finalists were recognised for: their remarkable contribution to London University Officers’ Training Corps by setting the highest of standards and leading by example; her commitment and enthusiasm to the Royal Navy as an engineer, which has seen her negotiate better living conditions for women on HMS Heron.

Who can be entered?  

This award is open to individual women only. Individuals must be within five years of the end of a degree, or graduate or apprentice scheme, or within five years of starting work without any formal training.  Please note winners of any category are excluded from nominations for any Women in Defence UK awards for 2 years.

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