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Outstanding Contribution Award 

This award is to recognise an outstanding contribution to their organisation where the nominee has exceeded expectations.  

What will the judges be looking for? 

The judges will be looking for nominees who have gone over and above the expectations of their role to deliver an exceptional contribution to the output or mission of an organisation. This might be the nominee’s employer or a client they have worked for, but the organisation should be working in defence of the nation. They may have demonstrated more than one example of going above and beyond at different times during their career – the nomination can relate to single or multiple contributions at any stage of the individual’s career. There is no minimum experience needed for this award. 

See also 

The Outstanding Contribution Award shares similarities with the Inspirational Award as both categories relate to individuals who have exceeded all expectations. The key element of the Outstanding Contribution Award is an exceptional contribution to the output or mission of their organisation. The key element of the Inspirational Award is the role model aspect – inspiring others. For early career professionals, also consider the Emerging Talent Award which is for women who consistently demonstrate exceptionally high performance in their role.  

The Outstanding Contribution Award also shares similarities with the Unsung Heroines Award. The key difference is that the Unsung Heroine award improves the ‘morale’ of people working in defence of the nation, whereas the effect of the work under the Outstanding Contribution Award is to improve the output of organisations, as they work to meet their vision or mission in support of the defence of the nation. 

Finalists from earlier years 

Last year’s finalists were from the Army and the MoD Civil Service. The winner was recognised for her outstanding contribution to the British Army and Armed Forces of Ukraine by co-ordinating activity across a team of 200 in her Chief of Staff role. The other finalists were nominated for: outstanding contribution in both civilian employment as a Detective Constable and as a Specialist Army Reserve Soldier serving with the Royal Military Police, within the National Reserve element of the Defence Serious Crime Unit (DSCU), a Tri-Service establishment; and incredible service to the MoD for over 52 years.

Who can be entered?  

This award is open to individual women only.  Please note winners of any category are excluded from nominations for any Women in Defence UK awards for 2 years.

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