Our Vision

Gender balance in defence and security will not happen by chance. It will require a concerted effort across the enterprise, changing the overall dynamics, making defence a better place for women and men and ultimately, improving the output of defence.

"Since launching Women in Defence UK in 2011, we have grown from a small LinkedIn group of passionate women, to a thriving community of women and men dedicated to improving gender balance across defence.


2019 will see Women in Defence UK transition to pro-actively demonstrate the direct impact and force multiplying effect women bring to the defence of the nation. As part of this, I am delighted to share with you our new values led vision. I would ask all of our supporters to help spread and amplify our vision with your colleagues and friends."

Angela Owen
Founder, Women in Defence UK


Our Women in Defence UK vision is all about IMPACT. This is how we plan on doing this


WE PROMOTE BRILLIANCE: we reward and showcase the very best of women working in defence of the nation. Our award winners inspire women and men of all ages and experience across the defence enterprise.

  • Make the Women in Defence UK Awards the best in the sector – the awards everyone wants to enter, and win

  • Share award winners’ stories across our network, inspiring the next generation of women in defence


WE FOCUS ON THE FORCE MULTIPLYING EFFECT: we transition to a proactive approach to clearly demonstrate the collective impact and ultimate value women bring to UK and global defence. 

  • Generate conversation around how we can continue to improve gender balance across defence

  • Encourage supporters to set ambitious gender targets and share best practice


WE ASK WHY: we have the uncomfortable conversations where needed to constructively challenge the status quo. In 2018 and 2019, we elicited jubilation and euphoria and anger and infuriation. In 2020, expect more of this! 

  • Organise regular discussion and networking events across the UK

  • Host webinars for those unable to get to networking events

  • Use a variety of platforms to engage with members


WE HELP WOMEN TO FLOURISHwe support women to develop and hone the skills they need to maximise their collective and individual impact and improve the overall output of defence. 

  • Support women through our speed mentoring events

  • Develop a cross defence mentoring scheme, bringing the Armed Forces and industry together

  • Offer workshops and training to develop individual impact​

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