Our Vision

Equality of opportunity in defence and security will not happen by chance. It will require a concerted effort across the enterprise, changing the overall dynamics, making defence a better place where people can work, learn and thrive.


"Since launching Women in Defence UK in 2011, we have grown from a small LinkedIn group to an independent, thriving community of individuals and organisations dedicated to improving equality of opportunity across defence.


The three pillars of the Women in Defence UK Vision are inspiring, challenging and developing.

Behaviour change is driven by many things such as ambition, belief and over-coming adversity. Everything we do seeks to inspire people, organisations and the enterprise.

Individuals and organisations need to act to effect change. We challenge constructively, helping them to recognise the barriers and seize opportunities to achieve goals.

An innovative approach is needed to deliver an environment where women can be authentically themselves. Our unique development programmes enable defence to learn with, and from, one another."

Angela Owen OBE
Founder, Women in Defence UK