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Denise Wilson OBE: A Strategic Addition to Women in Defence UK's Advisory Board 

Women in Defence UK is pleased to announce a significant addition to our Strategic Advisory Board: Denise Wilson OBE, CEO, FTSE Women's Leaders Review.

Denise's appointment underscores our commitment to bringing in-depth industry knowledge and strategic insights to our board. As the Chief Executive of the FTSE Women's Leaders Review, she has consistently demonstrated an ability to navigate complex corporate terrains. With executive roles at established entities such as British Gas and National Grid, her expertise extends beyond leadership to hands-on operational knowledge.

Her board services, including her contributions as Chair of the Royal Academy of Arts Friends and as a Non-Executive Director at Ecclesiastical Insurance Group, provide further evidence of her capacity to offer insights on governance and corporate strategy. Furthermore, her leadership of the Davies and Hampton-Alexander Reviews highlights her direct involvement in fostering gender inclusivity at the highest levels of business.

Angela Owen, Founder of Women in Defence UK, remarked on the new appointment,

Denise’s diverse experience, particularly in championing women in leadership, aligns with our mission. We anticipate that her strategic insights will play a key role in our ongoing initiatives.

Angela Owen, OBE

Founder, Women in Defence UK

Commenting on her new role, Denise stated,

The objectives of Women in Defence UK resonate with my professional commitments. It's an opportunity to contribute to a sector-wide effort to promote gender inclusivity in defence.

Denise Wilson, OBE

CEO, FTSE Women's Leaders Review

For our broader Women in Defence UK community, Denise's appointment signifies our continual push for industry-relevant insights, offering inspiration to all working towards a more balanced defence sector.