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Awards 2024 Criteria 

How do I nominate?

Nominating someone is simple, just go to the Women in Defence UK 2024 Nomination form but we advise that you read this first! 

To nominate, follow these easy steps: 

• Provide the contact details of the individual you are nominating, please note the need to confirm that you have their agreement to share their details. 

• Tell us briefly why you think they deserves to be nominated (the citation part of the nomination form). 

• Provide your own contact details. 

The citation part of the nomination form is broken down into three elements:

1. An overview of why you are nominating this individual (maximum of 200 words). 

2. An explanation of how they have demonstrated the criteria for this award category (maximum of 200 words). 

3. Examples of the results they have achieved as supporting evidence (maximum of 200 words). 

Please note 

A nomination using essentially the same narrative or evidence should not be entered in more than one award by a single nominator. A nominee may be entered more than once in one or more categories by different nominators, providing the narrative in the citation does not duplicate, or near word for word resemble, the citations of other nominators.  Entries will not be accepted from the partner, spouse or other close family member of a nominee.

Hints and tips

Put yourself in the judges’ shoes. They read lots of citations so capture their attention early, be concise and provide context. It may be obvious to you why an achievement is so worthy of recognition, but our judges may not have the same background or experience so please explain the significance. 

Providing context to the citation (i.e. sphere of work, day to day tasks, key challenges, etc.), and tangible evidence of the outcome or effect that this had on others will strengthen the nomination hugely. Our judges may not be familiar with all parts of the defence enterprise so avoid, or at the very least explain, acronyms. 

There is a word limit of 200 words per section

Even if the form allows you to enter more, the citation sent for judging will be shortened if it exceeds this limit, which could mean that it ends mid-sentence. 

Read the Terms & Conditions of Entry.