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We work with a range of partners from across the defence enterprise, and are always looking to engage with organisations in the community. We at Women in Defence UK believe that collaboration with our partners is vital. Becoming a partner to Women in Defence UK will demonstrate an organisation’s commitment to achieving an inclusive environment that celebrates all genders, and showcase its support for the continual drive for equality of opportunity across defence.

Our Partnership opportunities for Women in Defence UK align with our purpose; critical mass, challenge, and inspire. We have simplified our partnership model, so they now have increased value for Partners and Members. 


We offer four different types of partnerships, all of which are aligned to inspirational women through the ages, with our Franklin Partnership replacing our Corporate Membership package.  



Our Pankhurst partnership offer is named after Emmeline Pankhurst, the famous suffragette who started the movement and fought hard for equal voting rights for women. We use her famous ‘Deeds not Words’ as our slogan.


Each of the Pankhurst partnerships is aligned with one of our purposes – Critical Mass, Challenge and Inspire. 



Our Lovelace partnership offer is named after Ada Lovelace, mathematician, who is considered to be the world’s first computer programmer.   


Our Lovelace partnerships include our Critical Mass work and have a specific focus on the Women in Defence UK Awards, with each partner sponsoring a specific category at the Awards Dinner. 



Our Fawcett partnership offer is named after Millicent Fawcett, another famous suffragette who was the head of the National Union for Women’s Suffrage Societies and whose aim was to win women’s suffrage through debate and peaceful marches. 


Whilst all of our partnerships are underpinned by the same common purpose and Critical Mass goal, our Fawcett partnerships also include a table at the Awards Dinner. 



Our Franklin partnership offer is named after Rosalind Franklin, a British chemist whose pioneering work was central to the understanding of the molecular structures of DNA, RNA, viruses, coal, and graphite. 

Franklin focuses on our Critical Mass work. This work will bring together the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion practitioners from across the sector to share gender equity challenges and how they are over-coming those challenges. The output will be a shared critical mass of leading practice and knowledge that should really start to move the dial towards achieving a critical mass of women in the sector.


For further information on our Franklin Partnership please download our brochure.


We are excited to announce our first Critical Mass Summit – Changing the Face of Defence! This will be held at the County Hall, London, on Monday, 10th July 2023. We believe that by achieving a critical mass of women in defence we can accelerate gender equity. Our Franklin Partnership focuses on our Critical Mass work with attendance to the Summit included in the package. The Summit is aimed at E&DI practitioners and focuses on attracting more women into defence.  

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